Contact management

Maintaining a friendship relation with a foreign counterpart is a serious matter and requires time, money, dedication, knowledge and flexibility; periods of relative calm are often alternated with very busy times.

Equimira has years of firsthand experience and can help you with a thorough, efficient and cost effective implementation of your relationship by fully or partially taking care of your contact management:

  • Written and oral communication with your counterpart
  • Providing newsletters, press releases, brochures and the like
  • Website construction and / or -management
  • Writing a term strategic plan
  • Writing interim evaluations
  • Planning, organization and supervision of incoming and outgoing delegations
  • Organization of seminars, matchmaking events and other gatherings
  • Advisory role with regard to –among others- (business) culture, company formation, IPR, etc.
  • Archive management and preserving the collective memory

Contact management services are available from a few hours per week onward.