Equimira / China in Beeld visits Jiangmen city

Equimira / China in Beeld bezoekt Jiangmen

In early September 2016, Jiangmen city presented itself in Purmerend during their European visit (more information on this meeting can be found in the news archive). On November 18, Mr. Evert Groenendijk of Equimira visited Jiangmen for follow-up talks with Michael H. Mai, deputy director of Jiangmen Bureau of Foreign Investment Promotion and Zhang Zhaolian, deputy director of Jiangmen Bureau of Commerce and others on the possibilities that the Sino-European SME International Cooperation Zone offers, to give an introduction of China in Beeld and discuss the various ways of cooperation. Ms. Huang of the Jiangmen Foreign and Overseas Affair Bureau also presented in the meeting.

Mr. Mai mentioned the aim of the Sino-European (Jiangmen) SME International Cooperation Zone is to strengthen the cooperation between Jiangmen and European countries in the area of new material, clean energy and intelligent equipment manufacturing,etc, and the European companies already present in the area. He stressed the good investment climate and excellent location, in the middle of the Eastern and Western part of the Pearl River Delta, the powerhouse of China.

Detailed information on the Sino-Europese (Jiangmen) SME International Cooperation Zone and the companies present can be found through the QR Code below.

Mr. Groenendijk gave a presentation on the Chinainbeeld, he pointed out that the aim of Chinainbeeld is to strengthen the exchange of friendship cities between the Netherlands and China, and to facilitate the investment. He hoped that both parties may utilize the platforms of each to strengthen the cooperation.

During the trip to Jiangmen, Mr. Groenendijk also visited Blue Springs Metal Parts (BMSP), a Dutch company that produces metal springs. Blue Spring is one of the spring suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region with a European technical background. Its customers are mainly concentrated on the hardware, electronics and machinery industries.